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New features with no compromises

Combined pallet and blank handling – plenty of power in a small space.

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So that automation does not run out of breath

AirDock is EROWA's solution if there is no compressed air available on the machine tool table to operate the chuck.

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Providing strong support

A strong connection between clamping elements and workpiece is the decisive factor for holding of blanks.

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Our exclusive trade-in offer

Retrofitting an existing measuring device costs a lot of money. So it makes sense to take the opportunity to replace the entire system at the same time.

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Live and practical

Experience clamping and automation solutions for all types of machines at the practical days on October 24 and 25.

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OEE – What?

OEE is the abbreviation of “Overall Equipment Effectiveness”. In plain language, OEE is used as an indicator to control and improve the productivity of production plants.

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The new operating concept

With the launch of the Robot Dynamic 150L, we present a new generation of automation. The operating concept was completely revised and redesigned. Nevertheless, even inveterate users feel at home right from the first second thanks to familiar operating elements.

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Connected Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things - all well and good. At the AMB in Stuttgart you will experience how these key words are carefully considered and safely transferred into everyday production. Let our specialists convince you face to face.

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Mill-turning application with EROWA MTS 2.0

The latest generation of machining centers can be used to produce complex parts by milling and turning in a single operation. Such combined machining puts extra demands on any workholding system, because of the forces that act on it. EROWA meets the challenge with MTS 2.0

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“Top of Pallet” compressed air

EROWA PowerChuck P chucks are the universal interface on a variety of different machine tools for quick and precise positioning of palletized workpieces or fixtures on the machine table.

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“Voll Wild” – “Totally wild” is slogan of the successful seminar series by the Association of German Tool and Moldmakers (VDWF). On their journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the participants stopped off at EROWA in Büron.

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The all-rounder on a small footprint

In modern production cells, several processing methods are often combined. The advantage is obvious – complex processes can be completed economically and reliably with a single setup. On the other hand, the demands on automation are higher. However, this does not mean you need to move over to a complex solution. The best example of this is the EROWA Robot Compact 80.

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Why digital data alone does not produce anything

“Industry 4.0” and “Smart Factory” are terms everyone is now using, and you may be asking yourself, is this really the revolution?

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