At the pulse of development

New products are regularly added to the EROWA range. Sometimes there are small improvements to existing components.

Completely new developments also come onto the market at regular intervals.

Find interesting information and discover our innovative products and solutions for economical and intelligent manufacturing processes.

Within the overall concept of Industry 4.0, EROWA’s JMS® 4.0 ProductionLine production process control system occupies an important position. It maps a large part of the functionalities which fall under the heading of “smart factory”.
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EROWA JMS 4.0 ProductionLine

The flexible and mixed loadable EROWA Robot Dynamic 150L allows a significantly better utilization of the powerful 5-axis milling center.
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Small series and prototypes

At OMATECH, the fully integrated EROWA robot operates between two CNC machines.
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Between chip cutting and EDM

The pressure die-casting mold manufacturer PT. MEIWA MOLD profits from the many advantages of the EROWA MTS datum point tooling system.
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Significant reduction of set-up times

The US company German Machined Products Inc. successfully invests in a productive production cell with EROWA automation.
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Modular extension of a production cell

Victorinox has been working with EROWA tooling systems for EDM and WEDM for decades.
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Sustainably successful

At BLUM, an EROWA Robot Dynamic 250 Linear System serves four WEDM machines and a workpiece cleaning facility.
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All levels are interlinked

The motor and motorcycle racing supplier OEB specializes in the production of one-off parts and small series with a high degree of precision and timeliness. EROWA products make a substantial contribution to this.
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Orders at short notice – fast delivery periods

At LIEBHERR-AEROSPACE TOULOUSE SAS, an EROWA Robot Dynamic 500 loads large and heavy workpieces precisely onto the machine.
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Big workpieces

German mould maker TIMM STAHLFORMENBAU planned more productivity and documentation security with a new EDM machine and the use of a measuring machine and workpiece tooling systems from Erowa.
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Verifiable measurement protocols