EROWA UPC : Solutions


Very precise and extremely secure

With a repeatability of 2 µm, the EROWA UPC (Universal Power Chuck) palletizing system leaves no wish unfulfilled in terms of precision.

Whether to palletize large workpieces on milling machines or to machine small workpieces on die-sinking EDM machines; the UPC palletizing system has the flexibility to handle most machining situations.

The base for all types of workpiece carriers

Vices, gauges and fixtures are mounted on the UPC pallet. These are now fully integrated in the EROWA UPC palletizing system.

Suitable for different workpiece sizes

The UPC chuck with the integrated ITS chuck ensures seamless integration of EROWA ITS 50 or ITS 100 workpiece carrier in the UPC system. This combination enables the flexible use of the clamping system depending on the part size.

Large and secure clamping surface

The widely spaced support surfaces of the UPC chuck make the palletizing system extremely tilt-proof. On a clamping surface of up to 500 x 500 mm, large workpieces can be easily mounted on the UPC pallet.

Low-profile construction

The low-profile construction leaves more space for workpieces.

Perfectly sealed

The special rubber seal reliably protects the UPC chuck against the penetration of chips and liquids. The contact surfaces are cleaned automatically and thoroughly with air.

Automation with EROWA robots

The UPC palletizing system is consistently automatable. We will be happy to advise you on a automation solution tailored to your needs.

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