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EROWA Robot Dynamic

For large and small workpieces

The EROWA Robot Dynamic is the flexible and extendable handling system for economical loading of machining centers.

The robot automates as a stand-alone model, one machine, or up to eight machines running on rails.

Various pallet sizes

One of the important features for automated manufacturing of single parts and small batches is that the system can switch automatically between different pallet sizes.

The Robot Dynamic is suitable for loading large and small workpieces. Each magazine position and each pallet is continuously monitored. The EWIS™ Rapid identification system ensures a clear view.

Extendable at any time

The EROWA Robot Dynamic is always adaptable and upgradeable to the current requirements. The basic investment is protected.

The robust linear rail is extended in segments to the appropriate length (up to 20 meters). Element by element in 2 meters' steps.

High transfer weight

The Robot Dynamic changes pallets with a total weight up to 250 kg reliably on to the machine. Also small and light workpieces.

The right gripper for each tooling system size is stored in the GripperDock and can automatically replaced when needed.

Long range

Depending on the type of X-axis, there are three configurations to choose from, the arm of the Robot Dynamic has a range of up to 2350 mm.

Optimal loading through the front door

The Robot Dynamic is located laterally offset from the machine. The combined swivel axis allows to load the machine through the front door.

The operator area in front of the machine thus remains accessible for manual operation.

2D scanner for access safety

An 2D scanner continuously monitors the operator area.

If a person is located in the area, pallet changes are not allowed. If the area is free, the Robot Dynamic loads the machine as planned.

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