EROWA Robot Compact 80 : Solutions

EROWA Robot Compact 80

High performance on little space

The EROWA Robot Compact 80 provides the optimal ratio between a large number of magazine positions and a small amount of floor space.

The tall and lean design of the Robot is suitable for optimal floor space use in the workshop. With a transfer weight capacity of up to 80kg, it can serve one or two machine tools.

Two machines – one Robot

One production cell with two machines and one EROWA Robot Compact 80 requires only little space: productivity set up on a mere 2m² of floor space.

The Robot provides the machines with a great deal of autonomy.

80kg transfer weight

Even large UPC 320 pallets of up to 80kg in weight can be transferred to the machine with precision.

Moving it out of the way

The Robot is lifted pneumatically and can be shifted out of the way on a rail system, which frees up access to the machine.

The shifting system is a retrofitting option.

Variable magazine levels for different pallet sizes

The EROWA Robot Compact 80 is able to move up to 11 different EROWA pallet sizes for varying workpiece sizes.

The magazine levels can be set up precisely to meet requirements.

The loading station

The integrated loading station (option) makes it easy for big and heavy workpieces to be positioned in the magazine at an ergonomically correct height.

While this is taking place, the Robot keeps on working without any problems.


Extendable magazine levels allow for a comfortable loading/unloading process. The extension of the magazine levels is triggered through the integrated handle positions.

Blank handling made easy

Various jobs

Load the machine in mixed operation with blanks, clamping vises for the blanks or palletized workpieces.

For round and square parts

The magazine-levels with configurable positioning aid can be set up quickly and easily, depending on the size and shape of the workpiece.

Quickly customize

The blank part gripper can be quickly and easily configured for other workpiece sizes.

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