EROWA PreSet 3D CNC : Solutions


The all-rounder measuring machine

Machining centers must be relieved of any unproductive work as much as possible. Every presetting process on a machine loses valuable productive time.

Presetting and measuring workpieces are processes that can be completed substantially more efficiently on a measuring machine.

EROWA’s PreSet 3D CNC measuring machine is an appliance that is optimally equipped for such work. The EROWA PreSet 3D CNC is ideally suited for efficient presetting and automated serial measurements.

Presetting simply and quickly

An extremely user-friendly software is available on the measuring machine.

Macros are selected visually. Graphic user guidance helps the operator execute the measuring cycles correctly.

Subsequently, the data recorded by the computer will be unequivocally allocated to the current workpiece.

Joystick control

The operator profits from the simple and practical user guidance with a precise joystick control.

You will be able to regulate all the axes precisely with the control level.

Prepared for all EROWA tooling systems

The high-precision work plate of black granite constitutes the basis for all EROWA tooling systems.

The integrated mounting hole configuration is prepared for each EROWA chuck to be fitted.


PreSet 3D CNC measuring machine based on an EROWA CTS chucking spigot exchange system.

The ideally suited, precise measuring station for reliable quality checks and process safety in the watchmaking industry.

A suitable probing system for every occasion

From favorably priced probing systems for simple point measurements to high-precision tactile scanning solutions and efficient laser scanners, every solution can be used on the PreSet 3D CNC.


Thanks to the full integration in our control systems and the standardized interfaces, the PreSet 3D measuring machine can be automated simply and is therefore also available to you in marginal hours and at night.

Process safety is substantially increased. The measuring machine is used to better capacity and is therefore more profitable.

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