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OEE – What? : News-Blog


OEE – What?

Availability, quality, performance as factors

Generally, OEE is calculated on the basis of three factors and output as a percentage:

  • Availability: Effective running time in comparison with the planned production time
  • Quality: Usable parts in relation to the number of all parts
  • Performance: Actual performance versus target performance


OEE Dashboard – it's easy

What sounds exciting and interesting does not have to be complicated. That’s because starting with Release 26 of our “EROWA JMS 4.0 ProductionLine” process control system software, “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” can be called up with a mouse click. It does not matter whether you are inside or outside the company network. Since the software is web-based, it works on any display device that has an Internet browser. No program installation is required.