The Process Control System

  • You are looking for an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive process control?

  • ProductionLine is the process control system within the EROWA JMS 4.0 Suite, which has been developed for the features of automatic single part and small series production

Release 23 - Data Exchange

Release 20 - New Calibration

  • Machine Calibration

    Working in the 0.01 mm range (or below) asks for repeated calibration of the machine throughout the manufacturing day. The program is lauched automatically after a pre-defined number of working cycles.

  • CellManager Smooth

    The new Mazak Smooth interface includes various addition functionalities such as ToolForecast, Turntable loading and machine calibration.

  • Turntable

    For direct loading to machine integrated turn-table pallet changers 

Release 18 - The show goes on

  • Tool Planning

    The big help in managing tools: With Tool Planning<sup>TM</sup>, the operator will see where things might go wrong even before they do. It keeps track of all tools in all machines of the production line.

  • Touch Theme

    Quick intervention right on the machine? A change of priority maybe? Done - the most comfortable theme for touch screen input is included as feature. 

  • Makino - ready

    EROWA cell manager for Makino Milling with the interface MML3. Compatible with all Pro 5 and Pro 6 controllers. "Multi Machine" - supports multiple machines within the same production cell or line.

Release 17 - Good News!

  • CellManager Makino

    Makino machines with Pro 5 controllers are now supported. Now with direct cycle start and with the power saving function.

  • Generic I/O CellManager

    To connect machines with the IO2 Ethernet Kit. Up to 128 different programs may be launched and an alarm message is supported.

  • Cellmanager RoboSPA

    The full integration of the RoboSPA cleaning station is provided. Various cleaning programs may be called.

New in Release 16

  • Operator Presence

    Using the loading station places as regular magazine positions, as long as the operator is not present, increases the autonomy of the cell. This is especially useful for integrated loading stations as with Robot Compact or Leonardo.

  • Cell Managers

    With Release 16 we have included the Mazak Matrix control. Reduced change cycles with parallel job execution is one of the highlights.

  • List of Priorities

    Production priority, calculated from the delivery date, may now be overruled by setting an individual priority per workpiece, in the dedicated column.

News in Release 15

  • View Multiple Workpieces

    Managing multiple workpieces on a fixture or pallet is now supported graphically. The visualisation shows if a certain pallet has been completely or only partially processed.

  • Windows 10 compatible

    EROWA Manufacturing Control V3 is fully compatible with Windows 10. Please note that this does not cover all third party components that may be connected.

  • Database Cleanup

    Automatic deleting of finished jobs after a certain configurable duration. This keeps the database lean and responsetime short.

New functions in Release 10

  • One klick - Pallet loaded to Machine

    This new feature comes in handy if you need to operate in semi automatic mode. Let the robot load heavy workpieced to the machine, it will not complain!

  • Cell Controller for für Haas Automation

    Now available for the widespread brand of Haas CNC machines. The EROWA Manufacturing Control V3 cellcontroller.

    [and of course also and still for Heidenhain TNC - Siemens - Fanuc]

  • One klick - new Workpiece created

    We have created a shortcut for a series of the most used worksteps. With one click of the mouse only, new workpieces are registered within the cell manager.

New Features in Release 9

  • Fixture Handling

    In addition to monitoring the EROWA system pallets, any jigs or fixtures mounted are checked by the process control system as well

    Identification may be done visually or via EWIS chip, offset values are monitored by the system.

  • Orders in Progress

    Quick overview is the word of the day. Besides the graphical status bar, a value in % is available to see the progress of the order in question.

  • Timestamp

    When did I last check the status of the machines tools? Even this information is available at a glance. That's practical.


  • WithEROWA MANUFACTURING CONTROL, you'll always see what's going on. The situation of the manufacturing cell is visible at a glance.

  • Everything in the green range. The orders, the machine condition, the available production time. EROWA MANUFACTURING CONTROL assists the people at the machine with clear information.

  • Autonomy

    See at a glance: this is the remaining production time of the system with the available magazine supply.

  • Filter functions

    The condition of the tools in the machine memory is clearly visualized using various filters.

  • Shift change

    Even after a shift change of the workforce, it's immediately apparent what needs to be done.

Intuitive operation

  • The clear user interface helps you to focus on the practical aspects of your job. The rest is done by EROWA MANUFACTURING CONTROL

  • Know where! The ribbon technology for the presentation of information provides a clear structure at all times, even for complex systems. Logically related areas can be monitored at a glance.

  • Clear visibility even from a distance

    Even from a distance, you can see the condition of the production plant. Colors indicate what's going on.

  • Click-and-go

    A click on the machine icon is all you need to do to get all the information on that machine. Everything is visible at a glance: from the tooling list to the planned production time.

  • Finished?

    Machined parts (blue) are easy to distinguish from blanks by color and shape. Pallets are represented by symbols.

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