Measuring Machine with Integrated Automation

The demands made on quality control are constantly increasing. More and more frequently, all electrodes have to be measured and protocolled individually. The crux of the matter is the word ALL. How can hundreds of small and medium-sized electrodes or workpieces be measured without creating a total bottleneck at the measuring machine?


The solution is convincingly simple: the measuring machine is loaded with jobs automatically.









  • Integrierted Magazine

    Space for up to 30 electrodes or workpieces of up to 5 kg

  • Gripper

    The rigid design of the CMM Qi permits to handle workpieces with a gripper attached to the Z-axis.

  • Controlling

    With the EROWA process control system change cycles and measuring programs are triggered.

The crucial questions


  • Do you want to have 30 parts measured automatically?
  • Do you want to want to run the CMM Qi measuring machine unsupervised in the marginal hours?
  • Do you require a protocol of every measured workpiece?
  • Do you want to operate the measuring machine manually during the day without being interrupted?
  • Do you need the space next to the measuring machine for something other than a Robot?
  • Do you want to gather some initial experience of automation without completely changing entire processes?

“Integrated Automation CMM Qi” has been designed for precisely these requirements. It is the simplest complete solution to an improved utilization of the measuring machine.

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