Fair Price

  • Your opportunity to enter the FMC manufacturing technology.

    This is where fully serviced and tested equipment from our democenters is available.

    These robots and measuring machines are offered at fair prices. If you need any support for your decision, do not hesitate to call us.


    Preset 3D CNC - Robot Easy - Robot Multi

Pre-Owned Robots

  • EROWA Robotes in various configurations are available in the pre-owned category. Let your EROWA sales support give you the informations. Or get a quotation directly at Headquarters with this form.

Measuring and PreSetting Stations

  • Do you think of obtaining an EROWA 2D PreSetting station for your electrode departement? This may be where you get lucky.

    Measuring machines from our democenters are available now and then. Fully serviced and calibrated after installation at your place they are as good as new, or even better, because the prices are really favourable. Request your quotation here.

Your preferred equipment is not on the list? Mail us, we will try our very best to bring up a solution for your need.

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